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“NYC swingers sex parties are feeling the pinch of the tough economy”

November 13, 2010

“NYC swingers sex parties are feeling the pinch of the tough economy”
NY Daily News

Like the roaming party DDeviousDelights, most New York City swinging venues are suffering from the economic malaise. The recession has left both stationary swinging clubs and roaming adult parties with lackluster event attendance and shorter membership lists.

“They used to say sex was an industry that was not affected by the recession — that’s not true,” said a DDeviousDelights cofounder who wished to remain anonymous because of privacy concerns. “Everybody — A to Z in the sex-related industries — is feeling the pinch.”

DDeviousDelights is one of many venues that blame the economy for its 30 to 40% event attendance drop this year. The high-end roaming party One Leg Up said it has had about 20 percent fewer event attendees a year since 2007. And one stationary club — the 14-year-old Carousel Couples Club — reported a 60% attendance plunge from 2007 to 2009.

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“‘Modern Love is Automatic’ imagines the Alexandria fetish scene”

November 12, 2010

“‘Modern Love is Automatic’ imagines the Alexandria fetish scene”

Growing up in Alexandria, writer and director Zach Clark wasn’t too into the Northern Virginia fetish scene. So when he began work on Modern Love is Automatic, a film about “a nurse who, on a whim, takes a side job as a dominatrix,” he enlisted the help of local sex workers to fill in the gaps.

“Very early on in the process, I tried to get a dominatrix in the area to at least read the script, and hopefully to come on board as a technical adviser,” says Clark, 28. “No one would return my e-mails.”

Though Clark says he had “wanted to do the nurse-dominatrix thing for a while,” his 2005 script on the subject lacked a professional touch. “The script largely relied on my general conceptions of what would happen in that situation,” he says. So Clark says he scoured “lists of dominatrixes online” for local dominant women versed in the ritual punishment of their male sex partners, then sent out stock e-mails to each one explaining the film’s consulting needs.

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“Cinekink: Your excuse to discreetly attend a BDSM dungeon party”

November 11, 2010

“Cinekink: Your excuse to discreetly attend a BDSM dungeon party”

This weekend, sex-positive film festival Cinekink will bring two nights of cinematic inquiry into spanking, furries, and compulsive eating to the District. For D.C.’s closet fetishist population, the film festival will also provide a convenient pretense for discreetly attending a BDSM dungeon party….That little arrangement—come for the cinema, stay for the pansexual alternative lifestyle—is a boon for D.C. fetishists, who must constantly negotiate their sexualities within the confines of the District’s buttoned-up social mores.

D.C.’s fetish scene “is definitely more of an underground kind of thing,” explains Cinekink organizer Lisa Vandever. “There’s certainly a crowd for this in D.C., but it’s more secretive. You know: A lot of government workers.”

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This Week in Repertory Film: Tracks, Polanski and Cinekink
Washington City Paper

Let’s say you really wanted to check out a local swingers’ venue, but you were having trouble coming up with a valid excuse that won’t piss off your significant other. You’re in luck this weekend, as The Crucible, the Navy Yard establishment that bills itself as the area’s only alternative lifestyles club (i.e., don’t forget the leather) plays host to CineKink, a roadshow of films about fetishes, peccadilloes and all your other sexual curiosities.

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“In a relationship, three in bed can be a crowd”

November 10, 2010

In a relationship, three in bed can be a crowd
The Eagle (American University)

Sexual experiences involving three partners are sometimes glamorized in the media and the porn industry. It makes logical sense — if two is good, then three must be better, right? But let’s take a moment to consider the logistics of a real-life threesome.

“Making fantasies realities can be satisfying, but it also can illuminate how different things are in the real world, with real people, than they are in our fantasies,” Heather Corinna, a professional sex educator and the founder of the teen sex ed site, says in one of her articles about safer sex.

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A Frank Chat with ‘Sex at Dawn’ Coauthor Christopher Ryan

November 8, 2010

A Frank Chat with Sex at Dawn Coauthor Christopher Ryan
The Stranger

What’s it like these days to be the people who wrote the book on the science of nonmonogamy? The New York Times best seller Sex at Dawn was published four months ago, and since then, coauthors Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá have received a lot of attention for their book. It’s not surprising—Ryan and Jethá have woven physiology, archaeology, primate biology, and anthropology into a controversial theory: Humans are not naturally inclined to be monogamous. People can choose to be in lifelong monogamous commitments, but long-term fidelity is difficult for Homo sapiens.

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“Whips, chains, cages…whoa!”

November 8, 2010

Whips, chains, cages…whoa!

Who would have thought closet-stricken S&M would spill out in the open and become fashionable? We find out why celebs have embraced it…

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“Jury hears testimony about lifestyle that involves bondage and infliction of pain during sex”

November 5, 2010

“Jury hears testimony about lifestyle that involves bondage and infliction of pain during sex”
News OK

In an unusual domestic abuse trial, an Oklahoma County jury Wednesday learned about a secretive lifestyle based on bondage and the infliction of pain during sex.

The jury heard about the so-called BDSM lifestyle from a Utah woman who signed an agreement with an Oklahoma City man that he would be the master and she would be his slave.

“I like sex rough. I like to be tied up. I like to be spanked,” the witness, Nanette Larsen, testified. “People in the lifestyle call people not in the lifestyle ‘vanilla.’”

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